Nanny Salary / Recruitment Cost

Are you a professional nanny looking for a job in the UK and would like to know an estimate of the avarage salary or hourly rate you could earn working with Hall of Nannies, a nanny recruitment agency in London? Or are you a family wishing to recruit a nanny or an au pair and know their recruitment cost? We are here to inform you about our nanny agency fees and how much does a nanny get paid in the UK:

  • Recruitment cost for a Full time and After school nanny in London: 16 % of the net annual nanny salary of the first year (the salary of a full-time nanny in London: from 2000+ GBP net per month, depending on the candidate).
  • Recruitment cost for an au pair: 1000 GBP fixed agency fee

Benefit of a tax credit by hiring a nanny at home with a limit depending on your personal circumstance. To get more information about it, please visit the website Taxing Nannies.

For information on the average nanny salary in the UK and in London, please visit this website :

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Terms & Conditions

  • 50% of the above nanny agency fees (Nanny recruitment cost) are due upon the signing of the contract.
  • The balance of 50% is due upon signature of the work contract between the Client and the selected Nanny or Au pair for the job.

If the employment contract of the candidate recruited through Hall of Nannies is terminated (by the Client or the employed Nanny) within 1 month after the signing of the job contract between the Client and the Nanny, Hall of Nannies undertakes to conduct a new search for new Nannies to fill the vacancy free of charge (so no additional nanny agency fees) if the candidate has not left due to unreasonable working conditions. In the case the contract is terminated by the nanny within 6 months from the signature, hall of nannies will fill the vacancy free of charge. The new search will only be carried out if the full fee has been paid in advance.

During the course of the contractual relationship, either Party may terminate this Contract by any means by providing the other Party notice of termination by mail.

The firm "Hall of Nannies" undertakes to repay the fees that have been collected. Registration fees will be retained by Hall of Nannies in the event that the client cancels or terminates the job contract for any reason whatsoever.

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The avarage salary & hourly rate of a nanny in the UK

A nanny's salary will vary depending on several factors, including the nanny's experience, qualifications, number of hours worked per week, and specific job tasks required. In general, hourly rates for a nanny in London are usually between 15 and 20 GBP per hour. But the more experienced a nanny is, the higher the salary requested, as well as additional costs will be inherent to night care as for example.

To summarize, below is an estimate of the cost of a nanny recruited by Hall of Nannies, in addition to agency fees:

Cost of an out-of-school nanny: an “after school” nanny will be paid 20 GBP per hour.

Cost of a full-time nanny : the salary of a “full time” nanny will vary between 3,000 and 4,000 GBP per month, depending on the experience of the nanny, the number of working hours requested by the client, as well as the responsibilities entrusted to the nanny. 

The salary of an au pair

An Au Pair receives a salary in kind (weekly pocket money, accommodation, food, Oyster card by Transport for London, language courses, etc.);

An au pair's salary is set by mutual agreement between the host family and the candidate for the position. The terms of this agreement and the costs may vary depending on several factors, including the number of hours worked per week, the specific tasks requested, the age and experience of the au pair, and the cost of local life.

It is important to note that au pairs are first and foremost members of the host family and are not considered domestic workers in the traditional sense. The emphasis is on cultural and linguistic exchange rather than salary and cost. However, it is essential that the conditions of stay and work are clearly defined in a written agreement to avoid any misunderstanding or potential conflict.

At hall of Nannies we have agreed on the following minimum salary for au pairs:

  • 150 GBP pocket money per week
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Oyster card

Note that it is important to openly discuss expectations and rates with the potential nanny or au pair during the job interview. In addition, recruiting a full time nanny, an after school nanny or an au pair through nanny agencies such as Hall of Nannies generates an additional cost (mentioned above), namely the placement costs of the au pair or nanny.

But good care and education of your children is priceless...

Find out more about the cost of hiring a nanny in London

The cost of recruiting a nanny in London and her hourly rate can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the methods used to find a nanny, whether you use a nanny agency, and the specific services provided by the agency. Here are some common costs associated with hiring a nanny for a job in London:

  •  Nanny Agency Fees: if you choose to work with a nanny agency in London, you can expect to pay agency fees. These fees typically cover the agency's services, including finding and screening potential nannies, conducting background checks, and facilitating interviews. Agency fees can vary widely but often fall within the range of £500 to £2,000 or more, depending on the agency's reputation, services offered, and the complexity of the search.
  •  Salary and Benefits: the salary you offer to the nanny will be one of the most significant ongoing costs. Nanny salaries in London can vary based on factors such as the nanny's experience, qualifications, the number of hours worked, and the specific responsibilities. Full-time nannies in London can earn anywhere from £10 to £15 or more per hour, or a monthly salary that may range from £1,500 to £2,500 or higher, depending on the circumstances. Nannies might also receive additional benefits, such as holiday pay and sick pay.
  •  Taxes and National Insurance: employers in the UK are responsible for contributing to their nanny's National Insurance and may need to cover employer's National Insurance contributions. Be sure to factor in these costs.
  •  Other Costs: you may need to provide additional benefits, such as accommodation, transportation expenses, and meals, depending on the employment arrangement and the terms you agree upon with the nanny.
  •  Background Checks and Reference Checks: some families choose to conduct additional background checks or reference checks on their own, which may incur additional costs.
  •  Legal and Contractual Expenses: it's a good practice to have a legally binding contract with your nanny. Legal fees may apply if you consult with an attorney to draft or review the contract.
  •  Optional Training: you might choose to provide training or professional development opportunities for your nanny or au pair, and this could come with associated costs.
  •  It's important to have a clear understanding of all the associated costs and responsibilities when hiring a nanny in London. Be transparent with the nanny about the terms of employment, including salary, benefits, working hours, and any additional financial obligations.

 There may also be variations in the nanny agency fees and recruitment costs depending on the specific circumstances of your nanny search and the job terms you agree upon with the nanny. It's advisable to seek up-to-date information and consider consulting with professionals or agencies like Hall of Nannies specializing in nanny placements for accurate and current cost estimates. To know more about the avarage salary of a nanny (full time and after school nannies) or the hourly rate in the UK, contact us.